About Us

I am specialised in Sustainable & Historical Beekeeping as well as in Historical Candle Making and Multi-Period Living History Displays.

My Company is selling high-quality Organic Raw Honeys, Handmade Beeswax Candles, Amazing Artisan Honey based Foods and Snacks and many other Bee Products. From different kinds of Honey for your breakfast or to cook and bake with, to delicious Honey-Chutneys and high-quality World-Honey-Sweets, you will find a large variety of Honey related things in my webshop. I suggest that you visit my webpage from time to time to keep up to date with all my new products, especially handmade for you. There is also the option to visit my stall at different markets and events in the whole of Britain. As soon as there is news about dates and market locations I will post them in the ‘Markets & Events’ section.

When it comes to harvesting the precious Honey, I always make sure that my bee colonies have more than enough left to stay strong and healthy.

Just the surplus is getting harvested and many of the here offered products are seasonal and strictly limited. I will never compromise the health of my colonies and harvest more than I should. My apiaries are run as sustainable as possible. Bee conservation and sustainability are the fundaments of my way of working with my bees. All my ‘start-up’ bee colonies were sourced from local beekeepers who have the highest standards when it comes to beekeeping. I rear my own queens and build up my own colonies whenever my bees prepare to swarm. More about my Apiaries and Bee Colonies in the ‘Beekeeping’ section.