Beeswax Candles

Beeswax Candles

All my Candles are handmade from 100% Natural Beeswax! 

From a tiny little cat to a very large Wizzard. I am always working on some new ideas, designs and ways to create more stunning candles. Some Beeswax Candles are reproductions of historical founds, some are pure fantasy creations and others are just too pretty to get burned. Always remember: A Beeswax Candle without a flame is not a happy Beeswax Candle. They want you to use them. Besides, I always say that you should buy at least two of each candle. One for burning and the other to start your own amazing Beeswax Candle Collection. They do not have a shelflife as such. There are archeologic founds of different types of candles, some of them older than you think! So do not hesitate and treat yourself and your loved ones to some proper Beeswax Candles! 

They all come in different varieties.

Natural - No Schnick-Schnack-Fuzz, just 100% Pure Natural Beeswax as it comes from the Honeycomb!

Dyed - I prefer not to dye them because Beeswax is such a precious material and does not need any kind of dye in it. However, if you wish to buy dyed Beeswax Candles, there is always a way to do that, just let me know what you want and I can dye them for you! I am using natural pigments and no industrial strength chemical nonsense! 

Scented - Beeswax has a natural scent, which is just amazing as it is! I also offer a large variety of scents you can choose from. Just have a look at my Beeswax Melts section. You can find there all kinds of scents I am currently using. Send me a mail if you want to order a Scented Beeswax Candle and I am more than happy to make them for you! 

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