Beeswax Melts

Beeswax Melts

My melts are made of 100% Natural Beeswax from my own sustainable apiaries, mixed with a small amount of Organic Coconut Butter. I do not add any chemicals or improve otherwise perfect natural goodness as beeswax is.

Each melt is hand poured by me once you place the order. Hand poured means each melt is manually produced. I do not use any machines. Everything is done by hand. Hence, each product is unique.

Beeswax melts are healthy alternatives to all soy and paraffin based melts. Beeswax is known as natural and clean wax made by bees for centuries.

Why beeswax melts?
– They are safe for human and environment. Beeswax is a naturally occurring product made by bees. Paraffin (used in the majority of non-beeswax melts) is made of petrol!

Soy – another popular choice is known for its devastating effect on forests in South America and is only a bit healthier than paraffin. There is also a very high possibility that you will get GMO soy which no one should support! 

-Beeswax melts provide negative ions that have exactly the opposite effect: they purify the air and refresh your entire body.

Want it personalised?

Get in touch with us and tell us your needs and we’ll be happy to assist and customize it for you. Anything can be customized. We can even put a chosen name or text on the box. The choice is yours. If you decide to have it personalised, please message us with all the details (please straight after you placed the order). Otherwise, you get what you see in the photos.

Please do not leave your beeswax melts unattended. Do not let children play around a beeswax melts. Always place a beeswax melts in a secure place out of rich of children or animals.
Wax is a bee product. It’s melting point is around 65C. It can burn your skin if touched while liquid.

20 Small Beeswax Melts In A Tin

20 Small Beeswax Melts In A Tin

!!! OUT OF STOCK UNTIL END OF APRIL !!! My Small Beeswax Melts are made from 100% Natural Beesw..


Large Beeswax Melts

Large Beeswax Melts

My Large Beeswax Melts are made from 100% Natural Beeswax, a tiny amount of organic Cocoa Butter and..


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