• Precious Woodland Honey and Sage

Filled Honey Sweets. Special Import from Germany!

Woodland Honey, very special honey with a lot of benefits for your health. Sage will bring comfort for sore throat, perfect for singers and voice performers, or for people who like the taste of sage in general. If you do not like sage, keep your fingers on the mouse and flick straight to another Honey Sweet of your choice! 

Btw: if you are breastfeeding, do not consume sage in high quantities. You will run dry, faster than you can organise some followup milk powder! ...Just saying! 


Why are they called Precious Honey Sweets? 

The German term for it is 'Edel Honig' which means 'Precious or Noble'. Honey is very 'Precious'.

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Precious Woodland Honey and Sage

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