• 1 Bar of 100% Natural Beeswax
Green Man Honey Finest Quality 100% Pure Beeswax - Nothing Added - Completely Natural Wax

This beautiful 100% Natural Beeswax is supplied in Bars - simply choose how many you require. For larger amounts just drop a mail! 

This beeswax has such a rich colour like caramel. It comes from bees that have mainly fed on forest, wildflower and gorse blossom. This 100% Natural Beeswax has an amazing natural colour and scent. You will not need to add any oils to this beeswax.

Slow-burning: the gentle aroma carries anions which help to clean the air and research suggests that it has a positive effect on hayfever and asthma sufferers. Many of my customers use beeswax to make soap, candles, natural polishes, balms, creams and many other uses. This is a truly quality product and is simply melted and filtered to remove hive debris. It is then poured into trays to set. As it is in such an unmodified natural state its colour can sometimes vary slightly and it also occasionally contains fragments of the hive.

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1 Bar of 100% Natural Beeswax

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