Were you good or naughty?


That is what he will ask you at the end of the year!

It's up to you if you will get a gift or a damn good spanking. There are people who love gifts and there are also a lot of people who enjoy a damn good spanking....but this page is not the right place to talk about adult time preferences...or is it?

There is a story that he sits with his bare bum on the chimney of very, very bad people and....but again, that is not the place to discuss this matter!  

Some people say that this guy is not turning up at my caravan because he is afraid that I will eat all his reindeers. Just rumours, not true at all. Yes, I did live in Finnland and I like Reindeer meat but I would never ever.....hmmmmmmmm Reindeer sausages...

BTW: He is handmade from 100% Natural Beeswax! Lots of details to see and he burns for a long time!

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Big Fat Red Cola Dude

  • £15.00